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Riddle game - find all the differences in picture with cartoon characters.

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Game account - find differences in pictures.
The game is as follows - two pictures with the heroes of Soviet cartoons have a few ( three ) different elements. You are looking at two pictures through a magnifying glass, looking for a mouse click and mark all the found differences , if you truly have found different element , it will be marked by a red circle in the picture , if not, then after clicking a mouse is not mentioned anything . Once all the differences will be found by you , and marked at the bottom of the game field displays " Good " and you will be able to move on to another level of the game by clicking on the arrow to the right to draw the button at the bottom of the field in the same game.

As can be examined carefully the picture and find all the differences. In the two games are, at first glance, the same image, but each of them has a subtle difference. Try considering the image through a virtual magnifying glass to find and mark all the different elements.

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Riddle game - find all the differences in picture with cartoon characters.