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It online game for kids and adults astronauts.


Flash game - Flight through asteroids in space.
By accident on Shelezyak's planet the child of one of шелегархов pressed the green button and I blew up a planet. He managed to think nothing, only to fart and the planet scattered on pieces. The huge number of fragments directed in a space and soon reached other planets on which too there was a reasonable life and lived марсогархи and лунагархи. On some planets thought about approaching accident and on UFOs tried to depart on quieter planets which fragments didn't reach yet, but not all managed it and many departed far not. Try also you, we will look how far you will be able to depart among meteorites..

The game is designed specifically for those who wish to learn the skills of marksmanship Artillery guns authors of the site www.s3dk.com

Your planet is destroyed. You fly in the special spaceship among fragments of planets and meteorites.
Game purpose
To depart as it is possible further from a meteoric cloud and to try to reach a safe planet.
Rules: You have to depart as it is possible further and not to face one of meteorites..
Management: TYou have a mouse - here it and click. Pressing of the left button forces a space plate to fly up, and the otpuskaniye - to decrease. Maneuvre between meteorites and try to reach a good planet. All your record attempts register and you can always learn as far you departed.

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