= The game Two fisherman in the southern sea. =
Fun flash games, Plays in russian language.
Sea fishing - a game for two players.


Flash game - Two fishermans.
Floated like that once two fisherman catching a fish in the sea near a coral reef. They warned that the boats are not big and catch a lot of (more than 1,000 lb) is not recommended and that the reef sharks are fast and dangerous. But do not listen to wise counsel and the fishermen went to sea to catch fish. What happened in the sea with a fisherman you know just when to play a game this game with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
The game is designed specifically for those who like to go fishing in the sea and marine fish catch by the authors site www.s3dk.com

You help fisherwomen fishing. Boat first player (he is on the right on the field of play) is moved left and right arrow, cast a hook and fishing out (lifting) of fish up and down arrows.
Boat of the second player (located on the left of the field of play) moves the letters on the keyboard ZC, and cast a hook and pulling the letters X (down) SD (up).
Rules: Fish catches on the hook is different, small weighs 10 average 20 and 30, and a large 40 lb. Each fish is pulled out in a boat load it (the number of fish caught can be seen on the bow of the boat) and can overload the boat sink. Catch the need to exactly 1,000 lb of fish otherwise fishermen will not be allowed back home. As soon as someone or catching a lot of fish, sharks are activated. They certainly are not dangerous for the fisherman in the boat, but so aim to eat fish hooked while they tear off the hook, but it is expensive.

The Flash game for all kids and adalts

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Game "Two fishermans."