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The program to print calendars for 2014 year of the horse.


Calendar for 2014.
Earlier in the year of the Dragon Year of the Snake, and we've done for you programki for modeling and printing calendars for 2012 and 2013. Now, in anticipation of the 2014 horses, we made a program for you to print the calendar year 2014.
The advantage of this prorammy appeal to all - now even large print calendar, you can simply choose a design to put down marks (if you need them), naprmer note in the calendar birthdays of friends and relatives, to change the mark of the year (the top number). You can change the frame - a vignette for horses of different colors it is different and you have the right to choose - what better frame to frame calendar with a fiery horse or night.
As an example, look at the calendar layout and finished calendars created with our applets, and if you like them, you can download them for free, or print a page with a calendar for the year 2014 Horses.
Go to the page with the calendars for 2014 Horses at this link - = Calendars for 2014 = -

Description of the program.
Designer Calendar Year of the Horse - 2014
With our program you can create and print your own calendar for 2014 - Year of the Horse as a handheld or wall-size and format.
Use the control buttons on the left to change: Background with the image of a horse, Framework, pattern number 2013 Substrates for days. Each key, except the "Print calendar for the year 2014," when the mouse arrow appears, pressing them, you easily pick up a combination of calendar items to your liking.
In addition, you can mark on your calendar every day (eg birthday) by clicking the mouse pointer or finger (if you are running a function of "touch screen"). To remove the tag again enough to click on the marked date.
When the design of your calendar is complete, you can print it by clicking on the printer painted, in excellent quality up to A2 size paper.

Implementation of the program and the idea www.s3dk.com
background images were obtained in the public domain via a search engine Yandex.
All rights reserved by law
(c) www.s3dk.com

Use the buttons to the left of the calendar to select a different combination of options with a horse background, pattern number 2014, under the framework of numbers (days). After preparing the design of the calendar just click on the printer to print the finished calendar year of the Horse 2014.

Try to create your own calendar on your own taste, you can put any number of labels on the dates of your choice - red circle mark his birthday, birthdays, friends, or the desired date that you should remember. Make it easier than ever - click on the desired day and the mark will be indicated, and when printed will remain on the calendar. If, in the preparation of the calendar, you need to cancel a label (remove it) just click on it again and it will go away

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The program online - Calendar for 2014 year of the horse.