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Servant of the People is located on the lower level of power and mastering tools coming from the budget..


Flash game - How to be the Savior of Rassei.
Servant of the People is located on the lower level of power and mastering tools coming from the budget. The arrows to the right and move to the left so that the servant of the people of his hand reached for the budget money. When the money seized by an urgent need to invest their (otherwise can be bad).
To attach a budget, there are three ways:
1.Press the down arrow and put money into the economy race, the more effective you will manage and invest more in Rassi the sooner the country will get out of the darkness and takes the path of prosperity and blagodenstvovaniya.
2.Vlozhit all or part of the funds in advance through the ranks (right column SERVICE), while servants of the people will rise to the level above and will be able to develop on a larger budget and better assist Rassi. (The higher the level of power in order to most of the budget has access Servant of the People).
3.Vyvesti money in offshore (left column OFFSHORE) and increase the well-being of average statistical Rassi. It is very good for the servants of the people, and quite honestly (you can sleep in peace.) In offshore can withdraw funds at any stage of being in power - the higher the better.
All of these methods can be combined, but here's how to be the Savior Rassi and sit on the throne of the King of Kings you will know only if you win.

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The essence of the game to a simple understandable - as the chosen one, the official, civil servant that the budget Rassam admitted funneling the budget you gather and scatter save on hard times. No official of the money is not a small budget does not invest in a scattering and reach only to stupenechek where higher and more money for, and does not come into the economy and will not by a bright future.
Officials to manage the arrow to the left to the right, we are sending it (albeit in a completely different life everything, but because here we are in the game we're playing here.) The money from the budget of the clouds flying up to collect all the pennies we accept, in all directions: at least in the offshore thrust - it provides a comfortable life, you can go to the right and the power to invest - the stairs then you go up and have more opportunities to become, well, a third path - click the down arrow and send all the money in the budget Rassi's mother and take it out of the mire and the darkness to the Jasna sunshine.
That is when you'll know how to get to the throne, and unto ages of ages for the country home to become king of kings and savior.
Controls: Move elect members to the people left and right arrow, collect money saving up. If you want to accept Offshore and good souls we get if we want to climb the vertical of power, of course baksheesh, or we press the down arrow and Russ help.

The Flash game for all kids and adalts

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Game "The Savior Rassea" game is about greed and MPs vertical power.